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Future City Creature conflict Dragon Sparrow 2 Artefact forest spirit Dragon Sparrow 1 hell dog character_concept ruined city Rise of the Machines underground_train_concepts lighting_06 Lost World Field of Dreams rebel_base_01 alley_001 Concept sketches mist_creature_v03 gate entrance 01_c Broken moon Concept sketches doctor who concept art doctor who concept art entity 01 entity 02 ufo bikes balance concepts

In the last 15 years I've created concept art for a number of feature film and TV projects. I really enjoy being involved in the development process. Bringing ideas to life and seeing them on the big screen is a very rewarding experience.

Brief description of Concept Art
Concept artist is a term used to describes a person who visualises ideas for a product during the early stages of development. This might involve an artist visualising how a product will look and function, or perhaps a character from a movie, a key action frame or futuristic environment. The concept image can be very loose, involving a few gesturing brush strokes, or it may be developed to a final look involving different view. The purpose of the concept is to bring life to an idea that previously had not being visualised.

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