Monday, 18 June 2018

Industrial Elements Kit and VR

The Future of 3D Artists In VR

In recent months I've continued to build up my library of 3d products. As 3d artists I feel we're coming very close to a time when 3d assets will be in big demand and present many opportunities. The progress of VR is constantly pushing the need for better, cleaner assets. In time we will reach a place where people will spend more and more time in VR environments, and feel a need to customize those spaces in the same way one does with their own home. The average VR consumer doesn't want to build assets from scratch, or go through the tedious process of learning how to create these assets; they simply want options and flexibility. The ability to browse through a library and easily add to their hearts content. Similar to the world of Sims. So with this in mind, i'm aiming to sharpen up my skills and create cleaner models that will easily drop into VR environments and stand the test of time. That said, i feel we've yet to find a good cross platform standard that can provide clean, light and realistic assets, but time will tell.

Industrial Elements Kit

In other ventures, I'm continuing to develop new kits! My latest kit are a selection of Industrial Elements available at Gumroad here


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