Monday, 17 April 2017

780 High Resolution aerial image references of cities, islands and more!

I recently took a trip that gave me the opportunity to shoot a bunch of nice aerial shots from the seat of a DHC-3 Turbine Single Otter sea plane travelling from Victoria to down town Vancouver Harbor. I've made the images, literally all 780 of them available on Gumroad! Great for matte painters, concept artists and anyone that might find a use for aerial photography! There's a bunch of different themes; cityscapes, urban areas, island, fields, ocean etc

You can find them on the following link:

It was a great experience shooting these images, even though it wasn't a planned shoot! Definitely inspired me to give some thought to shooting more aerial photography. We have some many different ways of shooting aerial photos in Vancouver. We have seaplane, helipad, mountains, many opportunities! Watch this space! :)

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