Friday, 2 December 2016

Derelict Ship 360 VR Panorama

Matte Painting 360 VR

I've never been a fan of the Photoshop 3d tools, they always felt a little shallow compared to 3ds Max, Mari and so forth; though I'm sure Adobe isn't trying to compete with these tools, but if you're already familiar with these tools then Photoshop can feel limited. With that said, there is one 3d tool that I really love in Photoshop, and that's the ability to paint directly into a 360 panorama. This is a great way to communicate a concept in 3d. Granted a little more work for the artist, but still lots of fun to create and view!

I decided to record the process of creating a recent painting that I decided to do as a 360 VR Panorama. I've made the recording available on Gumroad, with the 10k PSD and break down of the process. You can find it on Gumroad here:

I'm already working on a bunch more 360 VR paintings; the eventual aim to make a series of sci-fi environments. Look forward to sharing these when they come together!

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