Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New Sci-fi inspired Photoshop Brushes!

Sci-Fi Photoshop Brush Sets

I've created two new Photoshop brush sets with a future tech theme, very much inspired by classic sci-fi movies such as the Alien series and such. Both are available on both Gumroad and Cube Brush.

Brushes futuristic retro gumroad cube brush

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Matte Painter - Will Paint Walls

The Inflicted Life of a VFX Artist

Prior to working in film I must confess to having a wide eyed view of the industry and the glamorous life style that every artist must be inflicted with. Clearly all VFX artists are sky diving their way through life, laboriously attending art shows and exercising their inner Bob Ross and when your name rolls up in the credits of the latest cinematic hit everyone in the theater rises to applaud you; picture the end scene from Titanic, when Rose dies, something like that. So when you finally make it and arrive at the pearly gates of (insert studio name here) you can't help but feel you're in a league above the rest of the world, as you pass people in the streets, they know .. you know, they know! you're a VFX ARTEESTE!! it shines ALL over you like a giant label from Starlight Express! (google it) the girls flock to you like an evading heard of giant chicken like dinosaurs (sexy dinosaurs!) stampeding for a brief whiff of your musky man scent! This is the life! .. ahhh, you sit back in your private screening room with your fellow execs who are all debating the final VFX shot prior to delivery, you sweep in with a solution; "make the tree, 50% bigger!" .. the crowd goes wild! you did it again Super VFX Man! You saved the movie! 

That's how I imagined it, that's how most non VFX people imagine it .. oh and it usually involves a giant Make Art button that glows in the daylight!

So when you tell people you're a matte painter, you're often met with a very confused look. A matte what? You're a painter? oh, ok. You see the cogs turning as they process the idea that you're an interior decorator or you paint walls for a living. After many such encounters there comes a point when you give in and allow them the amusing image of yourself climbing a ladder in the blistering heat, your arm sweeping the sweat from your brow and the sun reflecting a dazzling array of light from your oily chest like a 70s disco ball! .. i mean, I even want to imagine myself like that!! complete with the carton of milk splashing over me! But alas, few people understand. You can always drop the title in place of background painter for film. But still they imagine the same oily chest all american boy scout, this time on a film set! 

With that thought in mind, I decided to create a T-shirt (available through Threadless) for all those few individuals who know exactly what i'm talking about! This way, you can just point to your chest! 

Threadless tee shirt design vfx

Friday, 9 December 2016

Creative Streams - Monetizing Your Artwork

I recently created a series of artwork with an agricultural theme for istockphoto. While creating this I decided to screen record the process of one piece and subsequently write a short ebook on the process and experience of developing making money from your artwork. I've made these available as a pack over at Gumroad. Here:

The pack includes a 7 hour recording, plus a 45 page ebook with indepth information, advice, suggestions, tips and suggestions on creating a passive income. Plus the high resolution .PSD of the final artwork.

and now for the spectacle of the day; a lavish promotional poster! :D

Friday, 2 December 2016

Derelict Ship 360 VR Panorama

Matte Painting 360 VR

I've never been a fan of the Photoshop 3d tools, they always felt a little shallow compared to 3ds Max, Mari and so forth; though I'm sure Adobe isn't trying to compete with these tools, but if you're already familiar with these tools then Photoshop can feel limited. With that said, there is one 3d tool that I really love in Photoshop, and that's the ability to paint directly into a 360 panorama. This is a great way to communicate a concept in 3d. Granted a little more work for the artist, but still lots of fun to create and view!

I decided to record the process of creating a recent painting that I decided to do as a 360 VR Panorama. I've made the recording available on Gumroad, with the 10k PSD and break down of the process. You can find it on Gumroad here:

I'm already working on a bunch more 360 VR paintings; the eventual aim to make a series of sci-fi environments. Look forward to sharing these when they come together!