Sunday, 16 October 2016

TV Matte Paintings, Creative Roots and FREE Brushes!

Fear the Walking Dead Matte Paintings and more!

Over the last few months I've been extremely busy, creating artwork for various TV productions. This involved lots of Matte painting and concept work on shows such as Fear the Walking Dead, Zoo, Prison Break and yet to be released shows; Midnight Texas and Lemony Snicket's; A Series of Unfortunate Events. So it's been quite eventful. I've also been heavily working on various tutorials, ebooks, comic pages and even trying to push my way through creating a simple adventure game! Just got to scratch those creative itches! Sadly time never wants to play on my side. A few random highlights below.

Having a Wild Time on Zoo

Working with Pysop on the TV show Zoo was a lot of fun. One of the reasons I love working on TV shows and commercials so much is because of the quick turn around required, which really keeps you on your toes and subsequently provides a lot of creative freedom. Quite often when working in TV, the creative brief will be very loose and open to interpretation so it's really fun to explore and present your own ideas. I also really value the opportunity to be involved in producing a piece of work from concept to comp delivery, this allows me to really feel like I've made a worthy contribution.

Finding Your Creative Roots

While creating commercial artwork, it becomes very easy to lose track of more traditional artwork skills and those more personal passion projects end up sitting on the shelf for months, sometimes years. I find it's always good to brush up when possible, quite literally! Sit down, take a break and just sketch or paint, either traditionally or digital. It's easy for us to forget that the work we do now is based on curious artistic explorations in earlier years. I know in myself that most of the work I do these days is leaning more towards a technical process, such as 3d rendering, photo manipulation  etc because of this I rarely get a chance to paint or sketch anymore. This feeling of disconnect has been slowing growing more over the months and years. I miss the days of drawing random creatures on paper, building fictional movie props from house hold containers and getting more hands on. With this in mind, I'm definitely aiming to change this and allow for more time to painting projects. Even if it's still digital for now! 

Character Concept Photoshop Brushes - FREE, download them now! 

I can't believe it's taken me so long to do this! Every artist who creates environment concept art know they always have to add a random figure into the scene for context, and quite often the figure can be loose as it isn't the focal point of the painting. many years ago, one artist I worked with had built a large library of character silhouettes which I thought was a great idea. So finally I decided to make a brush set with this in mind! I've made the set available over at Gumroad for free!

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