Friday, 26 February 2016

Fifth Wave Movie Posters Background

When creating images for stock libraries such as istockphoto, you never quite know where those images will end up, you hope they will be used in fun and interesting ways that get seen by many people, but you never quite know. A few weeks ago I was standing in the lobby of a local movie theater when I happened to look up at the coming soon posters, to my surprise one of the movie posters stood out as having a very familiar background:

While creating these dystopia stock backgrounds this was always the ultimate hope for how these images would be used, so it's great to see that someone out there decided to use these images in such a way.

My thanks to the person who decided to use these images!

While on the subject of stock images, I've recently added a bunch of new images to istockphoto. These images cover two themes, military and space!

You can view these images and all my other stock art over at istockphoto, click here:


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