Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stonehenge matte paintings and more stock ruins!

I recently completely work on a high number of digital matte paintings for a British documentary about Stonehenge.

Stonehenge digital matte paintings

Stonehenge DMP

I added another ruined cityscape to my collection of stock images over at istockphoto:

ruined cityscape matte painting

You can view an animated breakdown of this video here:

And a few thoughts on Maze Runner, specifically the maze itself! Now anyone familiar with the story will know the maze, like every good maze, is ever changing, however the amount of times I see the maze change from one marketing image to the next is making my head spin! Take a look below; the book cover and the lower image account for around 90% of my work, which reflects a true representation of the maze itself. Now look at the movie poster! Now don't get me wrong, I understand they just want to make it look cool, but I am a little confused by the center of the Maze structure in this image. I won't give any spoilers, but when you see the movie finale, you'll see what I mean! Not to mention the lead actor who seems to have undergone one too many photoshop tweaks! hehe!


And finally, I've added a section for zbrush sketches. You can see the link above, or click the image below:

zbrush sculpts

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