Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wix Portfolio and Stock illustrations

Recent activities include creating a Wix portfolio page to pimp my matte paintings, illustrations and concept art; which you can see here: I like the simplicity of Wix, and the presentation looks cool; more so I've completely lost patiences with web design, so it's sweet to see services like this popping up.

New content! 

I also added some new content to my blog. You may notice a stock video link above to the far right. I decided it would be a good idea to provide HD stock footage via youtube for aspiring matte painters to play around with, and anyone else who may find them useful! I've also added more concept art, matte paintings and various odds and ends here and there! Part of my commitment to keep on top of this blog thing! :)

New Project Pack! 

I've also added a new Project Pack to the educational section. This one is intended to provide material for any matte painters out there who might like to have a little fun at the beach! Once again; limit yourself to only using the available assets and see what you can come up with!

New Stock Images! 

I recently added a few more stock concept illustrations to istockphoto. I'm trying my hand at more comical characters and cartoony concepts:

Continuing a theme of destroyed cities; I added these two to istockphoto. It seems these are quite popular!

matte painting stock images

You can view my istockphoto portfolio and see all my recent additions here:

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