Sunday, 12 January 2014

New images submitted to istockphoto

I've added a few more images to my istockphoto collection. You can see these below.


The sun rises over a majestic cityscape with towering, sky piercing buildings. A ship can be seen in the distance preparing for launch, getting ready to travel out beyond the solar system. This is a digital matte painting; using similar techniques to what I use at work when creating environments for feature films. The original photography was created close to my home over looking the skyline of down town Vancouver BC. I then added various futuristic buildings, including a space dock and ship to give it a subtle futuristic look. I didn't want this one to scream futuristic, I wanted it to be a place that seems very real, some time in the not too distant future.


A utopian futuristic scene depicting a ruined temple like structure covered in vegetation with the sun gleaming through the roof. The dystopia vision of the future where the earth has healed itself and begun to reclaim itself from the neglect of mankind. This is a digital painting I created some years ago.

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