Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ruin Kit Elements has ARRIVED!


Over the centuries and eons past I've been crafting away at my grand creation! The Ruin Kit Elements Pack! Ok, perhaps weeks, but days can often seem like years right! :) And now they are ready for all yee 3d artists to devour for the small sum of $19! OR all 3 packs for $45! come on; that's a bargain right?! Take a wonder over to Turbosquid and see them in all their glory! There's a LOT more to come! All elements were created in Zbrush and layout/rendered through 3ds Max 2013 with Vray 2.5. The elements are provided in Max format with OBJs to support.
  cap_004And the keyword part: ruins,ruin,demolished,demolition,destroyed,kit,pack,set,destruction,ruined,bricks,blocks,concrete,wasteland,warzone,cg,3d,environment

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stonehenge matte paintings and more stock ruins!

I recently completely work on a high number of digital matte paintings for a British documentary about Stonehenge.

Stonehenge digital matte paintings

Stonehenge DMP

I added another ruined cityscape to my collection of stock images over at istockphoto:

ruined cityscape matte painting

You can view an animated breakdown of this video here:

And a few thoughts on Maze Runner, specifically the maze itself! Now anyone familiar with the story will know the maze, like every good maze, is ever changing, however the amount of times I see the maze change from one marketing image to the next is making my head spin! Take a look below; the book cover and the lower image account for around 90% of my work, which reflects a true representation of the maze itself. Now look at the movie poster! Now don't get me wrong, I understand they just want to make it look cool, but I am a little confused by the center of the Maze structure in this image. I won't give any spoilers, but when you see the movie finale, you'll see what I mean! Not to mention the lead actor who seems to have undergone one too many photoshop tweaks! hehe!


And finally, I've added a section for zbrush sketches. You can see the link above, or click the image below:

zbrush sculpts

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Halo Master Chief Collection Artwork

Over the last several months I've been creating various artwork for cinematics in the Halo Master Chief Collection at Sequence Vancouver. This was a whole lot of fun! creating everything from destroyed cities to space station! I really look forward to showing this work in the coming months.

The Master Chief Collection

(above image not created by me)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Coffee Painting | Stock image

Today I added another digital painting to my istockphoto library of images. I decided to take a break from destroying cities and have a cuppa coffee!

Coffee cup

Friday, 13 June 2014

Honda Jet commercial 3d environment & Stock image of ruined cityscape.

Two images I created recently. The first is a 3d environment I created for a Honda Jet TV commercial. You can view the commercial here:

The second image is a ruined landscape I created as stock for istockphoto; click the image to jump over to the stock page.


3d Environment for Honda Jet commercial

City ruin

Sunday, 20 April 2014

3ds Max hair, fur and Phoenix FD tests!

I've been playing around with the hair and fur in 3ds Max, also the Phoenix FD plugin. Doing lots of shorts test. I found one such test pointlessly entertaining. If you watch it on loop, it becomes slightly hypnotic!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Enders Game Matte Paintings

Enders Game

I recently came across this Enders Game movie companion at the book store; after seeing two of my matte paintings, I had to buy it! You can see the respective shots further below:


A few of the shots containing matte paintings I worked on can be seen below:


Wednesday, 19 March 2014



Maze Runner finally has a trailer! and more importantly a poster! This came as a complete surprise to me this morning when I dropped by for my morning dose of CG news and while browsing through suddenly recognised a very familiar matte painting I created some months ago:


You can see the same painting again in the above trailer around the 00.47 point. I also worked on a few other shots in the trailer, however the amount of dust and debris in one, pretty much makes the DMP unnoticeable, and another has a row of blades in front of it! sheesh :) I worked on the movie for around 12 months and was fortunate to be one of the few matte painters involved. I worked on some very cool shots that I can't wait for the world to see! Hopefully they release another trailer soon! and for any fans out there, the grievers will blow your mind away! it was inspiring to see the Method team bring theses creatures to life! Very excited to see the movie!

Drop by the official movie page:
And you can find the book by James Dashner, which the movie is based on here:

Saturday, 8 March 2014

3d Character TV commercial

My first TV commercial back in the day! 

I have fond memories of working on this little 3d character. There's something about our early work that tends to shine above our latest work, maybe it's created with a thirst to prove ourselves, or the fear of failing, maybe it's neither. Perhaps we choose to see our memories of the past in a better light, given we survived and continued through until today which in contrast is where our challenges exist.

Character sheet for Carling C2 robot

One day this guy contacts me out of the blue and asks me if I'd be interested in building and texturing this robot character. I instantly set about doing just that before I was even given the green light to go! I went one step further and animated the character just to try and flash my skills a little, which in turn probably explains why I ended up not only modelling and painting him, but also animating and rigging him, and later animating a few other background characters.

This little character was a big challenge for me some several years ago when I was given the task to create him. Which in itself was a bold task to give to someone who up until that point had never demonstrated any 3D skills in the public arena. Even though I was definitely equip for the challenge, I had being somewhat shy about my skills in 3D; which often left me wondering why he decided to get in touch with me in the first place, but glad he did! The job came together piece by piece and I was happy to add such a cool project to my very empty reel! That experience was definitely a big step up that propelled me further into the world of moving pictures. Incidentally, the guy who reached out to me was a a fellow VFX artist and sci-fi visionary; Gavin Rothery, who later went on to develop the visuals for one of my favourite movies in recent times; Moon. I could definitely see his style in that movie!

Like any first big project, and when I think about it, most VFX projects, this one was full of challenges and required a lot of duck taping the thing together! A few glitches even went into the final commercial that were not intended. For example, the white ring around his second eye was never intended to be there, I think I accidentally scaled down the texture map! But in the end I think it looks quirky and interesting! Another glitch was the vibrating green thing behind his claw, this was intended to be attached to the claw, however somehow this ended up detached and springing back and forth! which was very funny to see. I think these all added to the humour of the little robot character, so worked out in the end! And finally the small, impossible to see text on his label has the names of my family written on it.

3d character break down

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wix Portfolio and Stock illustrations

Recent activities include creating a Wix portfolio page to pimp my matte paintings, illustrations and concept art; which you can see here: I like the simplicity of Wix, and the presentation looks cool; more so I've completely lost patiences with web design, so it's sweet to see services like this popping up.

New content! 

I also added some new content to my blog. You may notice a stock video link above to the far right. I decided it would be a good idea to provide HD stock footage via youtube for aspiring matte painters to play around with, and anyone else who may find them useful! I've also added more concept art, matte paintings and various odds and ends here and there! Part of my commitment to keep on top of this blog thing! :)

New Project Pack! 

I've also added a new Project Pack to the educational section. This one is intended to provide material for any matte painters out there who might like to have a little fun at the beach! Once again; limit yourself to only using the available assets and see what you can come up with!

New Stock Images! 

I recently added a few more stock concept illustrations to istockphoto. I'm trying my hand at more comical characters and cartoony concepts:

Continuing a theme of destroyed cities; I added these two to istockphoto. It seems these are quite popular!

matte painting stock images

You can view my istockphoto portfolio and see all my recent additions here:

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New images submitted to istockphoto

I've added a few more images to my istockphoto collection. You can see these below.


The sun rises over a majestic cityscape with towering, sky piercing buildings. A ship can be seen in the distance preparing for launch, getting ready to travel out beyond the solar system. This is a digital matte painting; using similar techniques to what I use at work when creating environments for feature films. The original photography was created close to my home over looking the skyline of down town Vancouver BC. I then added various futuristic buildings, including a space dock and ship to give it a subtle futuristic look. I didn't want this one to scream futuristic, I wanted it to be a place that seems very real, some time in the not too distant future.


A utopian futuristic scene depicting a ruined temple like structure covered in vegetation with the sun gleaming through the roof. The dystopia vision of the future where the earth has healed itself and begun to reclaim itself from the neglect of mankind. This is a digital painting I created some years ago.