Sunday, 1 December 2013

Digital environments tutorials on Youtube!

For some time I've pondered around the idea of creating video tutorials, but never quite found the time; until now that is! I found one of the reasons why I never quite managed to create a video tutorial was because I applied too much pre-planning. So this time I threw all the books out of the window, took a deep breath and said screw the pre-planning and just hit the record button! There's no talking or verbal instructions; just the raw recording of what I did. So with that in mind; here's my first semi-tutorial!


In this project I wanted to create a camera move over a baron, dystopian landscape, while making use of a few shots I recently took from the Vancouver waterfront tower. I began by matching the camera to the perspective of the photo plate. The next step involves building rough geometry around the main elements in the scene, for me to later project the photo back onto. Following steps include painting a rough concept for the surrounding environment and sculpting the surrounding environment in zbrush. You can view the first tutorial here.

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