Monday, 27 June 2011

About me ...

Who is this strange chap anyway!

So a little about me. Ok ...

David Edwards is .. (notice we've switched to third person perspective, sounds sooo much more professional uh? ;) .. a creative digital artist. And you have no idea how long it took me to come up with that one, seriously, i mean what am i? what describes what i do? because i do everything that involves digital artwork. So it seems fitting to call myself this because A) i'm creative, B) the work i do is digital and C) i'm an artist, so makes sense right? Second to that i'm known as an environment artist, for reasons of chance and luck it seems people request my skills in this area more than any other. I think this is mostly because no one knows i can do anything else, also my website saying matte painter / environment artist might have something to do with it too! which probably answers why i don't get requests for say; character designs, i mean, if no one knows i can design a character, it would be reasonable to realize why i never get asked to perform such a task, and for years i did wonder why; silly me.

What does David do?

David has being working in the creative industry for some 10-12 years now, and that's a life time in this work! He's had a fairly successful career thus far working on very diverse projects from painting garden gnomes to theatre production, from designing newpaper ads and logos (barf!) to working on some of the most successful feature films in cinematic history. He's worked with some extraordinary people and traveled around the world.

What does David dooo (again!)?

David make pretty pictures and motion graphics in one form or another. I use various skills and techniques from 2d painting to 3d modeling and animation, which also includes video composition, 3d tracking and other fun stuff. At the time of writing i'm in a transition period, focusing myself on more for-filling projects, i enjoy working on TV commercials more so than feature film and TV (but will always be open to these if the right project comes along). I'm also in the process of developing a number of IPs (intellectual properties) I feel its important to realize your own ideas and see them to fruition. I feel like i've spent the greater part of the last 10 years always creating work for someone elses ideas, which is a great way to keep the paychecks rolling, but there comes a time when you need to step back and pursue your own ideas, and for me, i'm definitely in that place right now, and very excited about the idea of bringing some of these into reality.

Where is David from?

Well we could dig quite deep into an explanation of where David came from; it involves crashing waves, wolves howling and probably many bottles of grape juice! But for now we can leave that to the imagination. David is from England, specifically a small northern town called Bradford. If you ever need the motivation to pursue a better life consider been born in a Bradford, this will be reason enough to scare anyone into a better life.

At the time of writing this David is currently in Vancouver BC, beavering away on various projects for film and TV.

To be continued ...

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